C/P comment list for Molly Holly videos

1 Sep

Comments often copied/pasted on YouTube videos about Nora Greenwald. This list has been officially approved by Mr. Jack Thaddeus. He appreciates your pastes!

***Legend of the big pooper. Never forget like 9/11. If you ever see Nora Greenwald in person ask her about the time she took a massive dump backstage at a WWE show, clogged up a toilet and flooded out the whole production area with her nasty shit. Earning herself the nickname “BIG POOPER” from all the crew/wrestlers.***

Nora Greenwald Benshoof, fraudulent PIG: -She lied about being a virgin. -She scammed people out of charity donations that went to her pocket “in the name of christ” (ask the donators). -She sabotaged Malia Hosaka’s career. -She’s anorexic and broke these days with a pill habit and tried to sell her used underwear for cash. -A Dr. diagnosed her as a pathological lying sociopath. -She married her drug dealer husband and ordered him to rob a CHURCH. *Don’t be conned by the dated phony Molly act.*

– The video or images above represent fictional acted characters that Nora Greenwald played upwards to 15 years ago, with the help of bleached teeth, bleached hair, plastic surgery and professional lighting. The real Nora underneath it all, today, is an ugly twat inside and out. She’s scammed good people out of charity donations and hurt many without remorse. See /user/noragreenwaldisacunt and KNOW THE TRUTH.

There’s an old saying you may have heard. You can put lipstick on a pig… but it will still look like Nora Greenwald.

Miss Blowjob ’99: Nora Greenwald got the nickname “Mona” in WCW from sucking dick to get ahead. Making the boys moan while swallowing their loads. Then she became a virgin. Born again.

NORA GREENWALD IS A SOCIOPATH /user/noragreenwaldisacunt

NORA GREENWALD IS A WORTHLESS WHORE /user/noragreenwaldisacunt


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