“The Standard” Mike Summers ( Molly Holly STALKER ) (Video Transcript)

3 Sep

Written by YouTube user “MightyPoophole” as the description for their parody video “The Standard” Mike Summers ( Molly Holly STALKER ) aka Mike Summers is a douche directors cut. A pathetic slideshow of Mike Summers pictures set to the music from Silence Of The Lambs (Buffalo Bill dance scene) and The Biggest Douche In The Universe song from South Park.

The touching tribute was originally uploaded by one of Mikes trolls “ThestandardMS” and then remixed for even more hilarity by MightyPoophole, further adding details about Nora’s own stalking exploits.

Mr. Thaddeus was highly amused by it all. _______________________________________________________________________________________


“Mike stalked Noreen from about 2005-onward, after she was booted from WWE. He once drove several hours in his broken down truck from California to Oregon just to get a picture with her at some low rent Flea Market indy fed that a handful of people attended. He even brought a homemade sign that read “Molly’s #1 fan” or something to that affect. More like only fan. lol. She put on her fake smile as usual, said about 3 words to him and quickly dodged to the back in shaken disbelief.

After the show, he proceeded to write a phone book sized blog on his MySpace titled “Meeting Molly Holly – My Story” and how she was now his “best friend 4 life”. Nora thought he was a joke (which is funny cause she is too).

Summers was now officially obsessed. Messaging her on a daily basis, working on fan websites and doing everything possible to get her attention again. He even pretended to be a famous wrestling manager called “The Standard”. She cold heartedly ignored everything he did. Not that I can blame her but maybe being kind to the poor sap would have eased things out?

He then became strangely attracted to the song “Numbers Don’t Lie” by aspiring teen pop singer Brianna Rieffel, who was 12/13yrs old at the time. Many people have called him a pedophile. I do not know if he has been charged with that criminally yet, but Photoshopping bizarre images of himself with an underage girl is sick enough.

Now Brianna was an innocent child, but you can’t feel sorry for Nora because she caused it. She’s crazy herself and has even done the same exact things to her own BF’s… so it’s all strangely poetic. LOLZ”


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