Official Team C*NT General FAQ

29 Aug

Exposing the fraud and scams of Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald (WWE) - TEAM CUNT

Official Team C*NT General FAQ

This Q&A is part of our ongoing series to answer frequently asked questions about the investigations into Teen Challenge CULT.

The purpose of these sessions is to clear up disinformation put out by the brainwashed cultists, and contribute to their leaders arrest. Current answer count is 14. Updated often. Know the truth.

Q: What is the difference between Team CUNT and Team C*NT? I see it spelled both ways.
A: None really, but the star denotes that the individual is apart of the Board Of Directors.

Q: Why do Team C*NT YouTube pages have a link to
A: The site was founded by Jimmy Hill (peace be upon Him) and is now owned by Jack Thaddeus. We link it on our YouTube pages to pay our respects to Jimmy/Jack and to show that we are proud members of Team C*NT, of course.

Q: So should I put on my YouTube page?
A: Please do!

Q: What is the relation between Jimmy Hill and Jack Thaddeus?
A: Jimmy is Jack’s uncle. Jack’s full name is Jack Thaddeus Hill but the Hill is often left off. Thaddeus is actually Jack’s middle name.

Being that Jimmy was a pure man, He was not allowed to have children. He passed down His empire to Jack, considering Him to be His only son to carry on the legacy and cleanse the world of Nora Greenwald’s evil.

Q: Was Jack Thaddeus molested as a child?
A: This has recently been cleared up by Jack’s right hand man, Clarence Tomison, who personally asked Jack about this sickening claim. Let’s put this absurd rumor to rest once and for all shall we…

As a child, Jack attended a church where one of His best friends was molested by a priest. Somehow this story turned into “Jack being molested by a priest”. (god damn those tabloids.)

Because of this incident, Jack’s family became born-again Atheists. Jack was never molested though. It was His childhood friend. His friend is doing well these days BTW.

Later, it was discovered that Nora Greenwald was involved with the church, which further infuriated Mr. Thaddeus to stand up for molestation victims.

Q: Why do you capitalize Him when referring to Jimmy or Jack?
A: Don’t you have any respect for God’s?

Q: How did Jack get the nickname “ACE”?
A: Jack is a big fan of Snoopy. His favorite episode is when Snoopy dressed up as “The Flying Ace”.

Q: Is rawkatty single?
A: You’ll have to get through Mr. Big Black Nutz first. 😉

Q: What is Team Black?
A: Team Black is a sub group headed by Mr. Big Black Nutz. Team Black is still apart of Team C*NT but has no direct involvement from Jack Thaddeus.

Q: Who owns noragreenwaldisacunt on YouTube?
A: No one specifically. noragreenwaldisacunt is a community page that can be updated by any agent of Inner C*NT.

Q: What is Inner C*NT?
A: Those who are Inner C*NT, are directly involved in the investigation.

Q: What is Clyde Ca$h’s role in Team C*NT?
A: Clyde is freelance, and Clyde is his own man, but if Jack has an important job that needs to be done, He usually calls in Clyde.

Q: What is Know The Truth NG?
A: The parent company of Team C*NT.

Q: Do you hold WWE responsible?
A: No, not at all. The WWE has no vested interest in what Nora says or does anymore. She is not a current employee of theirs and has not worked for them in many years. The Molly Holly character they once promoted was a fictional act. They are not accountable for her real life scams today, nor do we have any knowledge of them being tied to them. They were quite duped as well.

We also appreciate the storylines they created to make fun of her disgusting big fat ass.


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